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By H. Musan. California State University, Northridge.

But since water (even distilled water) commences after a few days to be spoil order 50 mg minomycin, whereby the power of the small quantity of medicine contained is destroyed buy discount minomycin 50 mg line, the addition of a little alcohol is necessary purchase minomycin 100 mg without prescription, or where this is not practicable, or if the patient cannot bear it, I add a few small pieces of hard charcoal to the watery solution. This answers the purpose, except that in the latter case the fluid in a few days receives a blackish tint. This is caused by shaking the liquid, as is necessary every time before giving a dose of medicine, as may be seen below. Before proceeding, it is important to observe, that our vital principle cannot well bear that the same unchanged dose of medicine be given even twice in succession, much less more frequently to a patient. For by this the good effect of the former dose of medicine is either neutralized in part, or new symptoms proper to the medicine, symptoms which have not before been present in the disease, appear, impeding the cure. Thus even a well selected homoeopathic medicine produces ill effects and attains its purpose imperfectly or not at all. Thence come the many contradictions of homoeopathic physicians with respect to the repetition of doses. But in taking one and the same medicine repeatedly (which is indispensable to secure the cure of a serious, chronic disease), if the dose is in every case varied and modified only a little in its degree of dynamization, then the vital force of the patient will calmly, and as it were willingly receive the same medicine even at brief intervals very many times in succession with the best results, every time increasing the well-being of the patient. This slight change in the degree of dynamization is even effected, if the bottle which contains the solution of one or more pellets is merely well shaken five or six times, every time before taking it. This last solution may then be taken in the same manner, or at longer intervals, perhaps also less of the solution at a time; but every time the solution must be shaken up five or six times. This will be continued so long as the remedy still produces improvement and until new ailments (such as have never yet occurred with other patients in this disease), appear; for in such a case a new remedy will have to be used. On any day when the remedy has produced too strong an action, the dose should be omitted for a day. If the symptoms of the disease alone appear, but are considerably aggravated even during the more moderate use of the medicine, then the time has come to break off in the use of the medicine for one or two weeks, and to await a considerable improvement. He will dissolve one (two) pellet of the highly potentized, well selected medicine in seven, ten or fifteen tablespoonfuls of water (without addition) by shaking the bottle. He will then, according as the disease is more or less acute, and more or less dangerous, give the patient every half hour, or every hour, every two, three, four, six hours (after again well shaking the bottle) a whole or a half tablespoonful of the solution, or, in the case of a child, even less. If the physician sees no new symptoms develop, he will continue at these intervals, until the symptoms present at first begin to be aggravated; then he will give it at longer intervals and less at a time. As is well known, in cholera the suitable medicine has often to be given at far shorter intervals. Children are always given these solutions from their usual drinking vessels; a teaspoon for drinking is to them unusual and suspicious, and they will refuse the tasteless liquid at once on that account. But if the diseased organism is affected by the physician through this same appropriate remedy at the same time in sensitive spots other than the nerves of the mouth and the alimentary canal, i. The limbs which are thus rubbed with the solution may also be varied, first one, then another. Thus the physician will receive a greater action from the medicine homoeopathically suitable to the chronic patient, and can cure him more quickly, than by merely internally administering the remedy. This mode of procedure has been frequently proved by myself and found extraordinarily curative; yea, attended by the most startling good effects; the medicine taken internally being at the same time rubbed on the skin externally. This procedure will also explain the wonderful cures, of rare occurrence indeed, where chronic crippled patients with sound skin recovered quickly and permanently by a few baths in a mineral water, the medicinal constituents of which were to a great degree homoeopathic to their chronic disease. In order to introduce also here change and variation, when several of the limbs are free from cutaneous ailments, one limb after the other should be used, in alternation, on different days, (best on days when the medicine is not taken internally). A small quantity of the solution should be rubbed in with the hand, until the limb is dry. Convenient as the mode of administering the medicine above described may be, and much as it surely advances the cure of chronic diseases, nevertheless, the greater quantity of alcohol or whisky or the several lumps of charcoal which have to be added in warmer weather to preserve the watery solution were still objectionable to me with many patients. Therefore the homoeopathic remedy given internally must never be rubbed in on parts which suffer from external ailments. From a mixture of about five tablespoonfuls of pure water and five tablespoonfuls of French brandy - which is kept on hand in a bottle, 200, 300 or 400 drops (according as the solution is to be weaker or stronger) are dropped into a little vial, which may be half-filled with it, and in which the medicinal powder or the pellet or pellets of the medicine have been placed. From this solution one, two, three or several drops, according to the irritability and the vital force of the patient, are dropped into a cup, containing a spoonful of water; this is then well stirred and given to the patient, and where more especial care is necessary, only the half of it may be given; half a spoonful of this mixture may also well be used for the above mentioned external rubbing. On days, when only the latter is administered, as also when it is taken internally, the little vial containing the drops must every time be briskly shaken five or six times; so also the drop or drops of medicine with the tablespoonful of water must be well stirred in the cup. It would be still better if instead of the cup a vial should be used, into which a tablespoonful of water is put, which can then be shaken five or six times and their wholly or half emptied for a dose. Frequently it is useful in treating chronic diseases to take the medicine, or to rub it in in the evening, shortly before going to sleep, because we have then less disturbance to fear from without, than when it is done earlier. When I was still giving the medicines in undivided portions, each with some water at a time, I often found that the potentizing in the attenuating glasses effected by ten shakes was too strong (i. But during the last years, since I have been giving every dose of medicine in an incorruptible solution, divided over fifteen, twenty or thirty days and even more, no potentizing in an attenuating vial is found too strong, and I again use ten strokes with each. So I herewith take back what I wrote on this subject three years ago in the first volume of this book on page 149. In cases where a great irritability of the patient is combined with extreme debility, and the medicine can only be administered by allowing the patient to smell a few small pellets contained in a vial, when the medicine is to be used for several days, I allow the patient to smell daily of a different vial, containing the same medicine, indeed, but every time of a lower potency, once or twice with each nostril according as I wish him to be affected more or less. The author and publisher make no legal claims, express or implied, and the material is not intended to replace the services of a physician. The author, publisher, and/or copyright holder assume no responsibility for the loss or damage caused, or allegedly caused, directly or indirectly by the use of information contained in this book. The author and publisher specifically disclaim any liability incurred from the use or application of the contents of this book. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Rather than putting a trademark symbol in every occurrence of a trademarked name, we state that we are using the names in an editorial fashion only and to the benefit of the trademark owner with no intention of infringement of the trademark. The author and publisher make no legal claims, express or implied, and For those who suffer back pain but no longer need to, the material is not intended to replace the services of a physician. The author, publisher, and/or copyright holder assume no responsibility for the loss or damage caused, or allegedly caused, directly or indirectly by the use of information contained in this book. The author and publisher specifically disclaim any liability incurred from the use or application of the contents of this book. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Rather than putting a trademark symbol in every occurrence of a trademarked name, we state that we are using the names in an editorial fashion only and to the benefit of the trademark owner with no intention of infringement of the trademark. Mine involves an attractive woman, a marathon, a surgeon, a chiropractor, and a remarkable and entirely unexpected solution to back pain that I popularized called Muscle- Balance Therapy™. Several years ago, I met a very attractive woman at the gym where I worked as a personal trainer. As every guy can tell you, sometimes we do stupid things to impress a girl, especially the woman of our dreams. I gave myself mental high fives while pretending, of course, to be a cool customer. True, I was a personal trainer and a bodybuilder, but I was more into lifting weights than running. Still, I figured I could keep up—or rather, I was going to make darn sure I could.

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I understood what William James meant by “The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitude order minomycin online. I taught myself how to uplevel and downlevel my nervous system more consciously and expertly purchase minomycin 50mg free shipping. Part B: The Gottfried Protocol for Low Cortisol As mentioned in The Gottfried Protocol for High Cortisol order minomycin 100 mg fast delivery, the following solutions are for informational and educational purposes only. Start first with the lifestyle resets, and consult a physician about the advisability of applying further approaches to your symptoms or medical condition, particularly herbal therapies such as licorice, which may cause blood pressure to rise excessively. Step 1: Targeted Lifestyle Changes and Nutraceuticals Get some exercise, perhaps African dance. A fascinating study of college students compared mood and cortisol levels before and after they attended one of three ninety- minute classes: yoga, African dance, or a biology lecture. African dance raised cortisol and mood, yoga lowered cortisol and raised mood, and the lecture changed neither mood nor cortisol. Before I began medical school, I was a bioengineer, and my best friend, who happened to be a rocket scientist, was a remarkably calm woman who never seemed to get stressed out like me. She had a great way of approaching problems, which I call the modular approach: she would take a problem and, rather than trying to solve the whole gigantic hairy thing at once, break it down into component parts, or modules. The interesting backstory to adrenal healing is that much of the research on antistress effects of nutrients and herbs was conducted by Soviet researchers in the 1970s (and are published in Russian). One study showed that a combination of vitamin C (200mg three times per day) plus an intravenous combination of vitamins B1 and B6 restored cortisol production and diurnal rhythm. Step 2: Herbal Therapy Botanical therapies that are proven to raise cortisol include the following: Licorice (Glycyrrhiza). One study of children of women who consumed varying amounts of licorice found that the more licorice the moms consumed, the higher the children’s cortisol levels. Consider deglycyrrhizinated licorice, a capsule or chewable tablet with the chemical bits removed that raise blood pressure. I generally recommend that people with low cortisol try a small dose of root extract: 600 mg, standardized to 25 percent (150 mg) glycyrrhizic acid—and check their blood pressure with a home device and at their local doctor’s office. In patients with Addison’s disease, licorice and grapefruit juice have been shown to raise cortisol levels. In one study, licorice raised median cortisol serum levels and urinary cortisol, whereas grapefruit juice significantly raised serum cortisol. This makes me nervous because any adrenal support should be given extremely cautiously and with an entire whole-foods and lifestyle adjustment for sustained results. In other words, you need the foundation of nutrient-dense whole foods (not processed foods, and especially not refined carbohydrates, which worsen adrenal problems), restorative sleep, and supplements to fill nutritional gaps before resorting to a quick-fix prescription pill. Furthermore, if you take external cortisol for more than a few months, you could develop secondary adrenal insufficiency. If you still suffer with the symptoms listed in the questionnaire despite trying Step 1 and Step 2 of The Gottfried Protocol (pages 116–118), I strongly encourage you to ask your doctor to test your cortisol. If your serum, salivary, or urinary cortisol is low, then consider the bioidentical cortisol in Isocort, an adrenal- support pill from Bezwecken in which the cortisol is derived from fermented plants. The recommended dose is one or two pills up to three times a day—not to exceed six pills a day—taken with a meal. As with high cortisol, I do not recommend supplements derived from animal glands for similar reasons. Signs of Cortisol Balance When your level of cortisol is appropriate and not turning your brain into Swiss cheese, you feel calm, cool, and collected most of the time. Because you slept well, there are no bags under your eyes, you eat normally with no blood sugar swings, you feel like your body has a good rhythm, and your total load—the amount of physical and psychological stress you’ve got on your plate—is manageable and engaging. You are skillful at coping with stress through breath, exercise, time with girlfriends, massage, and mindfulness. You awaken eight hours later (or after however many hours is the perfect number for you and to urinate twice or less), feeling fully restored and ready to embrace what the day will bring. From puberty and throughout your fertile years (fertility ends at menopause, which occurs, on average in the United States, at age fifty- one), your ovaries produce estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Estrogen is the diva—it’s responsible for your breasts, hips, smooth skin, and a brain with a particular female orientation (plus tending to about three hundred other jobs and nine thousand genetic tweaks). Don’t Underestimate Progesterone When I went to med school, I was taught that declining estrogen was responsible for the hormonal havoc of women in perimenopause, which starts sometime around age thirty-five to fifty, occasionally earlier or later. But it turns out that progesterone is far more crucial than scientists once believed. In proper proportion, they are like the two sides of a seesaw, shifting rhythmically back and forth over the course of the menstrual cycle. It’s essential to maintain the delicate balance between these two hormones to feel your most vital. As you get older, the amount you make of each can fluctuate from month to month and year to year. When your progesterone is low, the result is estrogen dominance, and it’s as if the progesterone side of the seesaw slammed into the ground. The consequences can be rage, headaches, cysts, miserable periods, and sleep disorders. You can become fat and moody, and you’re more likely to develop endometriosis and problems with uterine bleeding, possibly even cancer. When you have too much estrogen, you have a greater risk of infertility and endometrial cancer, a malignancy arising in the lining of your uterus. In addition to balancing estrogen, progesterone is important for your overall sense of equilibrium or well- being. It raises body temperature (making it “thermogenic” and a boost to metabolism) and helps your thyroid perform efficiently. It is a natural diuretic, which means it helps you release excess fluid in your body. The Science of Low Progesterone Remember, if you want to streamline your reading, skip this section, and go next to “The Solution: The Gottfried Protocol for Low Progesterone” (page 134). Estrogen and progesterone have everything to do with menstruation and reproduction. During each menstrual cycle, they work together to build up and release your uterine lining. For women from about twelve to forty-five, it’s like building a brick wall each month. During the first fourteen days of the cycle, estrogen creates the bricks, the tissue in the wall of your uterus. In the last two weeks of the cycle, progesterone makes sure you don’t pile up too many bricks and, like mortar, it stabilizes the wall. Progesterone is released primarily in your ovaries, when a follicle—a small cyst in the ovary containing a ripe egg—bursts at ovulation.

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It soothes the cerebral irritation of typhoid; inducing rest and quiet purchase minomycin 100mg without a prescription, and controls delirium purchase minomycin amex. It has antiseptic properties also which Ellingwood’s American Materia Medica order minomycin 100 mg otc, Therapeutics and Pharmacognosy - Page 378 antagonize the disease processes within the blood. It prevents disintegration of the red blood corpuscles, and increases the vital powers. In scarlet fever, measles and smallpox the indications for this agent are often conspicuous, and it will be found of first importance, especially if there be great injection of the conjunctiva, swelling of the palpebrae, extreme lachrymation and photophobia. In the latter stages of these diseases when the skin is livid, the tongue red, or red and glazed, with. It may be alternated with aconite or other suggested remedy for the fever, or if there be deep muscular soreness, with cimicifuga. Its value in all forms of rheumatism is great, and cannot be explained on the basis of its physiological action, as the homeopathists obtain excellent results from very minute doses. It is given in chronic rheumatism and to relieve the results of rheumatic inflammation. In persistent dry, tickling bronchial coughs rhus is a good remedy, whether they be acute or chronic. It is combined with or alternated with bryonia or aconite in capillary bronchitis with those characteristic coughs. Hurd claims that when Lagrippe first made its appearance, the first two cases had a guiding symptom that caused him to give full doses of rhus tox. The patient would seize the head with both hands and groan as if he were in agony. This peculiar frontal headache was relieved within an hour by this remedy, establishing a line of investigation for its use. The use of this remedy in small doses, internally, frequently repeated with rhus poisoning, has long been advised. When gastric or intestinal disorders in children induce cerebral engorgement with great restlessness and flushed face, the specific tongue, mouth and mucous membrane indications being present, rhus is the remedy. These cerebral symptoms may be induced by any inflammatory disease, and successfully cured with rhus. In adults they are found in prolonged adynamic fevers, and often are a serious complication. Rhus will meet other prominent indications often while Ellingwood’s American Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacognosy - Page 379 correcting the brain phenomena. It has an antispasmodic influence, preventing spasms when induced by cerebral engorgement, or irritation which is of reflex origin or caused by gastric or intestinal irritation, the characteristic indications for the remedy being present. Webster says he values it more highly than gelsemium or lobelia in infantile convulsions, if its indications are present. In gastro-intestinal disturbances accompanying the inflammatory conditions over which rhus has an especial influence, this agent is a direct sedative. It arrests nervous and reflex vomiting promptly, and vomiting from any cause when the tongue is pointed with reddened tip and edges. In acute abdominal pain, in cholera morbus, with extreme vomiting and spasmodic pain, this agent is valuable. In local inflammations, induration and swelling tending to suppuration, as of boils, felons and carbuncle, the indications point to this remedy, and given internally its influence is often excellent. In ulcerations with red areas and red edges, in scrofulous indurations and ulcerations, it is useful. This agent must be used continually, and the prescriber must familiarize himself with all its side influences before he can fully appreciate its great value. In pruritus of the vulva or other localities where there is erythema, with redness, persistent in some cases, especially with blonde children with eczematous tendencies, or children of a scrofulous diathesis, this agent is most prompt and valuable. There is a form of eczema, usually acute in character with the inflammatory evidences of burning, redness, itching, and perhaps swelling, that rhus will quickly cure. The homeopathist advises it for these in the second decimal dilution, five drops every two hours. In any skin disease where there is violent itching, circumscribed redness, burning, swelling, pain and vesication, especially if fever be present, the condition more or less acute as above mentioned in erysipelas or other skin disorders, this remedy is prescribed with success. Cold-pressed castor oil, Oleum Ricini, is viscid, nearly or quite transparent, with a mawkish odor and an offensive taste. Administration—The taste of castor oil is disgusting to many and unpalatable to all. It is partially disguised when the dose is added to a teacupful of hot milk and well stirred. Wine, ale and beer are suggested, probably because of a love for such auxiliaries. An inunction of the oil over the abdomen is usually sufficient to produce a full laxative effect in babes. It may be continued from day to day for the cure of chronic constipation in young children. A kneading or rubbing of the bowels will stimulate peristaltic action and increase the influence of the oil. When nervous irritation in children occurs with fever, from undigested food or irritating substances in the stomach or bowels, a dose of castor oil sufficient to produce free evacuation without pain may given at once. Its action will usually remove the irritating causes, and the fever and nerve irritation will quickly subside. It has a secondary action like rhubarb, and constipation usually follows its use or a day or two. In the treatment of dysentery it is good practice to thoroughly evacuate Ellingwood’s American Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacognosy - Page 381 the bowels with castor oil and to follow it with full doses of sweet oil. If the oil is administered early in the case and followed with the suggested remedies the disease often abates at once. It seems in itself to exercise a mild sedative effect, not only that it quiets distress in the bowels and removes irritating substances but it promotes quiet and sleep. It is used in a few cases after surgical operations, after labor on the second or third day, and after taking vermifuges, and whenever a simple, prompt agent is needed to evacuate the primae viae. Specific Symptomatology—The tonic and astringent properties of this remedy are underestimated. It is an acceptable and prompt astringent in diarrheas of infancy, where the evidences of relaxation and enfeeblement of the mucous coats of the stomach and bowels are marked, and where there is deficient action of all glandular organs, especially of the liver, the patient being pale, feeble, without appetite. Therapy—In those cases of diarrhea where there are large, watery, clay- colored discharges three or four times each day, an infusion of blackberry root will sometimes correct this entire train of symptoms. It is a renal depurant and general alterative of much value when ulceration of mucous surfaces or disease of the skin results from impure blood. It acts directly in its restorative influence, purifying the blood, removing morbific material, and quickly cures the disease conditions. It is valuable in ulcerative stomatitis, in nursing sore mouth, and in ulceration of the stomach with great lack of tone, combined with quercus or other tonic astringent, it has no equal in these conditions. It has been used also in the treatment of syphilis and scrofula with good results. Vassar of Ohio believes that Yellow Dock is the best remedy known to prevent the inroads made by cancer on the human system.

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